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There has been no herbicide or pesticide use on the farm since 2005.  We have also been very careful with the use of antibiotics, used in extreme cases only.  In the past 12 years, just 4 animals have required antibiotics.  Any animals requiring antibiotics are sold on the conventional market after the recommended time for the antibiotic to clear and are not kept for our use.   This insures that our customers and our family get beef that is antibiotic-free.

We have been able to eliminate the use of worming medications by carefully utilizing the rotational grazing techniques in warm months and using deep bedding in the winter when cattle are under roof.  In operating a closed herd with the exception of a new bull every few years, we have been able to eliminate vaccinations as well.  We are not opposed to vaccinations, but just prefer to minimize needless exposures and medications as much as we can.  We strive to promote and develop a healthy low maintenance herd, that thrives with minimal artificial intervention.   

The cattle we provide our customers have been born, raised, and finished entirely on this farm.  It takes around 24 months for the steers to reach maturity.  During those 2 years they enjoy a low stress life.  As a young calf at their mother’s side they are protected and nourished and learn how to graze from their mother.    When on their own, their only job is to graze.  Plenty of food, and fresh air. When they are ready to be harvested, that is the first and only time they have left the farm. 

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