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Over the years, we’ve introduced other genetics to complement our pastured program, including Murray Grey and Devon, but the Angus and British White have been the main breeds.  We continue to be very selective with our breeding stock to improve our herd.

To say that one breed is the single best breed for all situations is difficult to do.  There is as much variation within breeds as there is between breeds.  We have tried to focus on individual animal characteristics, keeping in mind that cattle are ruminants that should thrive on pasture.   Our herd is built off of those genetics that excel on our pasture-based program. 

As we began our journey we started with Angus, because we had some local friends with high quality, pure-bred Angus.  As our herd grew, it was necessary to have our own bull.  After researching various breeds, we purchased a British White bull for a number of reason.  This breed is known for its efficient foraging with a docile disposition, which is important for a family farm.  We’ve also observed that the lighter coat coloration improves heat tolerance during summer grazing, and the classic British Whites are uniquely beautiful!

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