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Cooking tips:

Plan ahead and thaw meat in refrigerator for a couple days or place meat in a sealed plastic bag in cool water.  Change the water frequently.  Steaks should be brought to room temperature and patted dry before grilling.

Rubs are preferred to marinades for juicier meat.  (We usually keep it simple with sea salt and pepper.)  Use tongs instead of forks to turn.  Sear steaks on each side to seal in its juices.  Then finish cooking slowly on lower heat, removing the beef from the heat when it’s about 10 degrees before the desired temperature.  The beef will continue to cook for a time after it’s away from the heat.   


You may also sear roasts before placing in the oven.  Thawed roasts are also wonderful straight into the crockpot on low for 8 hours.  You’ll want to add 1 cup of water, sliced onions and seasonings.  Enjoy! 

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