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PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer shipping yet but we’ll consider delivery for larger orders.  Enjoy a visit to the farm to pick up individual cuts, or pick-up at Chenoa Locker  or  Bittner's Eureka Locker for wholes, halves and quarters.

To place an order with us, call or email us.  We’ll let you know the date of locker appointment and remind you to call your cuts in at that time.   When the locker has a carcass weight, we’ll email you an invoice to be paid by check while the beef is hanging.  You will pay for processing when you pick your beef up at the locker.  Don’t forget to bring coolers or boxes.


*For a quarter, you can expect:

  • Our beef bill will be about $800-950

  • The processing bill will be about $180-200.

  • About 140-160 lbs. of take-home meat.

These numbers vary with each steer and with your processing choices.

*Prices are subject to change without notice

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